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Subject: MBA-programme ­ "Business in the Russian High North"
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009
From: "Lill Hilde Kaldager" <Lill.Hilde.Kaldager@hibo.no>

A new and exciting executive MBA-programme ­ "Business in the Russian High North" ­ is now accepting applications. A result of cooperation between the High North Centre for Business (Bodø, Norway), the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Oslo, Norway) and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations /MGIMO University (Moscow), this truly unique programme combines business education with essential insight into Russian culture and the particularities of the High North. This part-time study programme for professionals runs March 2010-June 2011.

The programme is designed to provide professionals with working knowledge of economic, managerial, political, legal, and cultural aspects necessary for operation of trade and industrial relations with Russia. The MBA is organized into six one-week modules taking place in Russia and Norway. The modules are designed to ensure that students understand a large range of relevant issues and have the opportunity to build networks with industry and institutions in both countries. This programme will strengthen students' understanding of Russia and the Russian High North and enable them to initiate and participate in business projects in Russia.

MBA students will:

Gain a unique insight into Russian business and cultural standards/self-perception

Develop an understanding of Russian institutions and the Russian decision-making process

Be presented with networking opportunities

Learn from the knowledge and experience of high-ranked business executives and experts from Norway and Russia

Discover market and investment opportunities in the Russian High North

For more detailed information see: www.hhb.no/NOS_EMBA or contact Lill Hilde Kaldager at E-mail: lill.hilde.kaldager@hibo.no, phone: +47 481 37 844.

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