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Most of Russians proud to hear national anthem, few know words - poll

MOSCOW. Aug 20 (Interfax) - Russian citizens' awareness of state
symbols grows year to year, the Russian Public Opinion Study Center
(VTsIOM) told Interfax on Thursday.

The best-known state symbol is the national emblem, the
sociologists said. The number of Russians who know what the national
emblem is grew from 83% in 2004 to 86%.

The rate is 91% for educated respondents, compared to 86-88% of
Russians with secondary and vocational training and 65% with primary

The flag is less known. Sixty percent know the national flag colors
and their order, as compared to 54% in 2004. Some 32-34% are still able
to name only the national flag colors. Only 5% give the complete correct
answer to the question.

Younger Russians fare better, they know the national flag (75% of
respondents aged from 18 through 24, compared to 46-65% of older

Respondents know less about the national anthem. Thirty-nine
percent of respondents are able to cite the anthem's first line, against
33% in 2007. The number of respondents unable to cite the anthem's first
line is practically unchanged, 34-36%.

Fifty-six percent of Russians say they feel proud to hear the
national anthem. Fifty-two percent have the same emotion when they see
the national flag, and 49% when they see the national emblem.
Twenty-nine percent like the flag, 28% the national emblem and 25% the
national anthem.

Some 14-17% of citizens are indifferent to state symbols, and 1-2%
is irritated by them.

Russia will mark the State Flag Day on August 22. The holiday was
established with a presidential ordinance in 1994.

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