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Georgia Govt Promises to Publish Report on 2008 Conflict

TBILISI. Aug 4 (Interfax) - Georgia's government will publish a report on Thursday on the August 2008 armed conflict in the country, a minister said in a television program on Tuesday.

"The report contains all that has to do with that war, and starting not just from August 7 of last year (the day Georgia attacked South Ossetia) but from a much earlier period. From the time the conflicts in Georgia began. Everything is documented in the report, minute by minute, and all the assessments are based on specific facts," State Minister for Reintegration Temur Iakobashvili told Imedi television.

The 120-page report is supplemented with about 300 video and audio files, he said.

"Many classified documents will be published in the report. For example, the first version of the document on a ceasefire in August of last year on which the Russian side was insisting and which was signed by (South Ossetian leader Eduard) Kokoity and (Abkhaz leader Sergei) Bagapsh. French President (Nicolas) Sarkozy laid this version of the document aside," Iakobashvili said.

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