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Russia says road blocks, not border markers installed near Georgian village

Tskhinvali, 3 August: Russian border guards have described as unfounded a statement issued by the Georgian Foreign Ministry (on 2 August) about their supposed demarcation of the border (South Ossetia borderline).

The press service of the Border Directorate of the Russian Federal Security Service in South Ossetia told Interfax on Monday (3 August) that starting on 1 August temporary barricades - (metal) posts less than a metre tall - were installed on the road connecting the village of Kveshi (Georgia (Georgian-controlled territory)) and Artsevi (South Ossetia) in the vicinity of the village of Artsevi in order to control the movement of transport vehicles across the border.

The directorate's press service noted that the aforementioned posts had been installed in order to stop transport vehicles' movement across the border and were not border markers.

"The Georgian side had been duly informed about these works and about the fact that they were not aimed at designating the border," the press service said.

They also added that Russian border guards did not enter the village of Kveshi.

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