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Russians become more ethnically tolerant, dislike Caucasians most - poll

Moscow, 3 August: In recent years the ethnic tolerance of Russians has grown, and the list of nations to which they have the biggest aversion includes inhabitants of the Caucasus, Central Asia and gypsies, sociologists have revealed.

Over half of Russians (55 per cent) do not have a dislike of other peoples, and in the last four years the tolerance of (Russian) citizens has risen by 21 per cent, sociologists from VTsIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Centre) told Interfax on Monday (3 August) based on the results of an all-Russian survey carried out in 140 locations in 42 regions, territories and republics around Russia.

The researchers ascertained that Russian citizens have the greatest liking for representatives of their own ethnically Russian people and for Slavs in general (31 per cent). In second place are Belarusians and Ukrainians (13 and 11 per cent respectively). Seven per cent like Europeans - the English, French, Germans, Italians and Spanish,- 4 per cent like Caucasians (the Adygei, Armenians, Georgians, Kabardians etc.). Three per cent have a positive view of Tatars, 2 per cent for the Bashkir and the Mordvin.

Russians like Americans, Buryats, Jews, Chinese, Moldovans and Japanese least of all (1 per cent each). Finally, 20 per cent of respondents said that they regard all peoples equally.

According to the VTsIOM results, since 2005 Russian citizens have begun to sympathize less actively with ethnic Russians and Slavs as a whole (31 per cent down from 36 per cent). In contrast, the proportion of
those who view all peoples positively has grown significantly (from 8 per cent to 20 per cent).

Representatives of Caucasian peoples (Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Georgians, Dagestanis, Chechens etc.) lead the ranking of peoples that are disliked - 29 per cent of Russian citizens view them with irritation. Far behind in second place are Central Asian peoples (Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs) - 6 per cent have a dislike of them. Then come gypsies (4 per cent), Americans, Chinese, Ukrainians, Baltic peoples (3 per cent each), Europeans (English, Germans), and Jews (2 per cent each).

Russians least frequently have a negative view of Moldovans, Tatars, Turks, Asians, Arabs and Muslims, and Africans (1 per cent each).

The VTsIOM research shows that in comparison with 2005, the proportion of Russian citizens who regard Caucasians with hostility has increased (29 per cent as opposed to 23 per cent in 2005), and in comparison with 2006 there are more Russians who experience irritation towards representatives of Central Asian peoples (6 per cent as opposed to 2 per cent in 2006).

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