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No extremist websites left in Russia - expert

Krasnodar, 27 July: There isn't a single extremist website set on Russian internet servers, according to Aleksandr Gostev, director of global research and analysis team at the Kaspersky Lab (computer security) company.

"As of today law-enforcement agencies have succeeded in 'clearing out' Russian servers of all such websites. On the other hand, there is no point for extremists to reset their websites on Russian territory. We have very strict legislation in this respect," Gostev told a news conference at the Interfax press centre in Krasnodar on Monday (27 July).

According to him, at present most Russian-language extremist websites are based on the servers of Turkish internet providers.

"These servers are the jurisdiction of a foreign state, so Russian experts cannot ban them independently. In their turn, foreign providers are reluctant to close down such websites," he explained.

According to Gostev, the main criterion the owners of foreign servers apply when setting and maintaining an extremist website is financial interest.

"The more popular such websites are among the internet audience and the larger the number of visitors they have, the more money the provider can make on traffic," Gostev said.

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