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Russia Won't Fine Ukraine For Taking Less Gas Than Agreed - Miller

NOVO-OGARYOVO. June 17 (Interfax) - Taking into account the economic situation in Ukraine, Gazprom (RTS: GAZP) will not impose sanctions on its Ukrainian partners for taking less gas than the contract stipulates, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said.

"We are well aware of the current situation in Ukraine and we are well aware that it is a crisis. And we will continue this approach in the future, imposing no fines on our Ukrainian partners," Miller told Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

Gazprom has fully received from Naftogaz Ukrainy what it is due for the gas shipped in May, he said. "In line with your decision, we have not imposed sanctions on Ukraine for taking less than agreed. Under the contract, Ukraine was to take nearly twice as much as it did," Miller said, adding that Gazprom will stick to this position.