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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008
From: "Laura Williams" <lwilliams@wwf.ru>
Subject: New book: The Storks’ Nest: Life and Love in the Russian Countryside

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The Storks’ Nest
Life and Love in the Russian Countryside

By Laura Lynne Williams
Photographs by Igor Shpilenok

A unique glimpse into life in remote Russia through the eyes of an American conservationist

The Storks’ Nest tells Laura Williams’s story of her first four seasons in a remote Russian village and nature reserve.

Denver, CO (3/1/2008)­Conservation activist and nature writer Laura Lynne Williams shares the true story of her life-changing move to the tiny, remote Russian village of Chukhrai. The Storks’ Nest follows Laura, a young American, as she travels to Russia to establish a presence for the World Wildlife Fund then moves to a remote nature reserve to work on public outreach. There she meets and falls in love with the reserve’s director, award-winning nature photographer Igor Shpilenok. Together they explore the wilderness in the Bryansk Forest surrounding their village. Through the long winter, they cope with hardships, which Laura learns are nothing compared to those the villagers have experienced in the past century. The Storks’ Nest describes Laura’s fascinating transformation from an urban American into a woman immersed in the natural world.

Laura Lynne Williams set up the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) first office in Russia in 1993 and for four years coordinated WWF’s biodiversity projects throughout Russia. Since leaving Moscow for the countryside in 1997 to work for one of Russia’s strictly protected nature reserves, called zapovedniks, she has freelanced as a consultant for WWF and as a nature writer, contributing articles to National Wildlife, BBC Wildlife, and other magazines. She writes the “Notes from a Russian Village” column for Russian Life magazine. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in international environmental policy and a master’s degree in conservation biology. She grew up in Colorado, where she learned to love horses and wildlife. Today she lives with her husband, award-winning nature photographer and naturalist Igor Shpilenok, and their two sons in the remote Russian village of Chukhrai.

For more information on The Storks’ Nest, please visit www.fulcrumbooks.com. To see more of Igor Shpilenok’s photography, visit www.shpilenok.com.

The Storks’ Nest
Life and Love in the Russian Countryside
Laura Lynne Williams
March 2008
Trade Paperback Original • $16.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-55591-629-9
5 x 8 • 336 pages
b/w interior photos.