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Reacting Nervously To Western Criticism Does Not Befit Russia - Putin

MOSCOW. Feb 14 (Interfax) - President Vladimir Putin believes that certain negative publications in the Western media on the state of democracy in Russia are an attempt to pressure Russia, and said that Moscow will not react.

"One must soberly look at what is happening in the media, and analyze. But reacting nervously would dishonor Russia. We'll not go nervous," Putin said at a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

Some countries try to achieve their goals in a competitive fight, including through the mass media, Putin said.

"We all know that, definitely, a monopoly exists in the world (mass media) in some countries and, of course, political centers in these countries are trying to use these channels to influence our population, the population of European countries and the North American continent," he said.

Such attempts fail, which can be seen, among other things, from the selection of Sochi as the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, he said.

"Various means are being used in the world to attain one's political or economic goals," including the media, Putin said.

"A discussion is on democracy in Russia. What's the idea of heeding Russia's opinion on Kosovo, some argue, if Russia herself is not a democratic country? We must understand for what purpose all this is being done," the Russian president said.

The same refers to the problem of locating a missile shield in Europe, he said. "What's the big idea listening to what these Russians think about missile defense? They cannot be trusted, because they have problems with democracy there," Putin said.