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Russian Miss World praised by tutors at jubilant university

TYUMEN, December 15 (RIA Novosti) - Tutors at the university in northwest Siberia where new Miss World Ksenia Sukhinova studies praised her academic record on Monday, happily complaining that the news of her victory almost disrupted classes.

Miss Russia 2007, 21-year-old Sukhinova was crowned Miss World 2008 on Saturday at the international beauty pageant in South Africa after beating 108 contestants.

Sukhinova is a fifth-year student studying cybernetic systems in the Oil and Gas University in Tyumen, a center of the region's oil and gas industry located over 2,000 kilometers from Moscow. She is one of only five women in the 27-student group.

"It is a very difficult discipline, but Sukhinova's grades are all A's and B's," university deputy president Veronika Yefremova said.

Yefremova said Sukhinova has had her course schedule tailored to her needs since winning the Miss Russia crown last year.

"Ksenia is an aspiring girl. She demonstrated excellent knowledge at [the latest] exams," the head of the university's cybernetic systems department, Oleg Kuzyakov, said. "We are very glad she won. Her group and the whole university will congratulate Ksenia, when she is in Tyumen."

The professor said reporters have virtually besieged the university, which is adorned with Ksenia's photographs and posters with congratulations, complicating classes on Monday.

"This is a pleasant diversion from work, with journalists asking questions of professors and Ksenia's fellow students. Such things do not happen every day," Kuzyakov said.

Sukhinova will return to Russia late this week, the organizers of the Miss Russia contest said on Monday. She first has to be the guest of honor at a series of events in South Africa.

The only previous Russian winner of the international beauty festival was Yulia Kurochkina in 1992.