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Subject: New articles [re: Russian national security policy]
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008
From: "Blank, Stephen J Dr CIV USA TRADOC" <Stephen.Blank@us.army.mil>

David if you don't mind could you please post these two following publications by me for anyone interested in Russian national security policy. They are both available on the web from Taylor and Francis (a division of Routledge) www.tandf.co.uk, and the one in Comparative Strategy is out in hard copy. Many thanks

1. "Web War I: Is Europe's First Information War a New Kind of War,?" Comparative Strategy, XXVII, NO. 3, 2008, pp. 227-247

2. "Threats To and From Russia: a Reassessment," Journal of Slavic Military Studies, XXI, NO. 3, Summer, 2008, pp. 491-526.