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Russia Becomes Country Of Happy People - Poll

MOSCOW. May 22 (Interfax) - The number of happy Russians has increased over the past decade, the Russian Public Opinion Study Center (VTsIOM) told Interfax on Thursday. The poll was held in 46 regions of the country.

The center said that the share of happy Russians had grown from 60% to 77% while the number of unhappy citizens had decreased from 25% to 15%.

Eighteen percent of the respondents said their happiness derived from family prosperity and health. This is particularly important for the respondents aged 25-44 (22-28%) and less important for other age groups (11-15%).

Eleven percent of the respondents are happy with their children and grandchildren; six percent are happy with their good jobs, education and professions; and five percent are happy with good health and love of their nearest and dearest.

Four percent are happy with the very fact of their existence, and another four percent are happy with their achievements and self- perfection.

Thirteen percent of unhappy Russians complained of small incomes, and six percent lamented their poor health and old age. Two or three percent explained their unhappiness with their hard life, loneliness, the absence of a good job and an awareness of fleeting existence.