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Russian Population To Start Growing In 2014-2016 - Ministry

MOSCOW. Nov 22 (Interfax) - Russia's population will start growing in 2014-2016, Director of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry's Macroeconomic Forecast Department Andrei Klepach told a Thursday press briefing in comments on the development concept for the period until 2020.

"We hope to overcome the unfavorable demographic tendency in 2014- 2016 and witness a growth in our population," he said.

Russia may have a population of 141 million by 2020 and 142-144 million by 2030, Klepach said.

The average lifespan in Russia may grow to 75 years by 2020 from the current 66-67, he said. The accomplishment of this optimistic forecast is of paramount importance, "as no country has ever shown a high population growth in the long term against the current decline in population," he said.