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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007
From: "Thomas Campbell" <avvakum@gmail.com>
Subject: Contemporary Russian Art Newsletter No. 10 Now Online

Contemporary Russian Art Newsletter No. 10 -- Now Online!

The new issue includes:

- a report on the booming market in Russian contemporary art, including an interview with Joan Vickery, head of Sotheby's Russian department;

- a photo reportage from the 11th Art Moscow art fair;

- an interview with curator Antonio Geusa about "Kommunalka," the first "art reality show";

- an interview with Tretyakov Gallery deputy director Irina Lebedeva about the museum's new hanging of 20th-century Russian art;

- reports by critics Kate Sutton and Dmitri Novik about the Russian participation at the 52nd Venice Biennale, Art Basel, and documenta 12;

- reports by Petersburg artists Andrei Rudyev, Masha Godovannaya, and Petr Shvetsov from the Nord Art festival (Budelsdorf), Asia-Europe Mediations (Poznan), and "Time of the Storytellers" (Helsinki);

- reviews of the best shows of the summer by critics Stanislav Savitsky and Anastasia Mityushina;

- an interview with San Francisco artist Zefrey Throwell about his encounters with the art world in Moscow and Petersburg;

- artist and writer Pavel Pepperstein's dream about a "Train Around the Sun";

- Moscow curator Eugenia Kikodze's account of the upcoming exhibition series "Simple Forms Painting, or Russian Geometry";

- a calendar of current and upcoming exhibitions and events;

- a listing of important catalogs and books on contemporary Russian art published during the past several months.

The Newsletter is edited by Dr. Olesya Turkina, senior research fellow at The State Russian Museum, and published by Nic Iljine, European representative of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

Contemporary Russian Art Newsletter: http://www.newsletter.net.ru/