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Russian Rights Ombudsman Calls for Activist's Release from Psychiatric Hospital

Moscow, 14 August: The Russian human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin has concluded that Murmansk-based United Civil Front activist Larisa Arap, who was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric hospital, should be discharged from there and receive out-patient treatment.

"The sooner in-patient treatment is changed to out-patient treatment the better, from all points of view. Especially since each side is politicizing the situation," Lukin said today at a news conference in Moscow.

He said he had reached this conclusion based on the results of an independent examination of Arap, which had been carried out at his request under the leadership of president of the Independent Psychiatric Association Yuriy Savenko.

"I have no reason not to trust my colleagues (the doctors who carried out the examination are part of the ombudsman's expert council - IF). I very much hope that before or during the appeal (against a court decision to forcibly treat Arap in hospital - IF) the opinion of my colleagues will be taken into account," said Lukin.