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Russia won't change position on CFE treaty - envoy

Moscow, 19 June: Russia does not intend to change its position on the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE), Russia's permanent representative to NATO Konstantin Totskiy has said.

"Our position is extremely clear; we don't intend to change it. We have put the question and there will be no change in positions," Totskiy said in a live link-up between Brussels and Moscow on Tuesday [19 June].

He was commenting on the situation after the recent emergency conference on the CFE treaty [in Vienna].

"There has been no serious progress on the CFE treaty from members of the [NATO] alliance," Totskiy said.

He said that members of the North Atlantic alliance were still linking their ratification of the treaty with Russia fulfilling the so-called Istanbul Commitments.

At the same time, at least in Brussels, no one has analysed the Istanbul Commitments and the CFE clause by clause to show links between these documents, he said. [Passage omitted: history of CFE treaty].