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NATO: Russia Has No Legal Right To Unilaterally Suspend CFE Treaty

MOSCOW. June 5 (Interfax) - Russia has no right to declare a unilateral moratorium on the implementation of the CFE Treaty, NATO said.

The NATO Information Office in Moscow on Tuesday issued explanations concerning the essence and particulars of the treaty and also the commitments of the signatories.

The explanations provide commentary on the stated intention of the Russian leadership to declare a moratorium on the implementation of the CFE treaty provisions.

There is no provision in the treaty that would permit a unilateral moratorium, the statement says. The suspension of the implementation of the provisions would constitute a direct violation of the treaty, the statement says.

The statement says that if Russia takes unilateral steps not stipulated in the legal provisions, the treaty, which has been the foundation of European security for 15 years, will be jeopardized.

As Russia has the greatest military might in Europe, its non- participation in the treaty will have the gravest consequences, the statement says.

NATO believes that there is a political and legal connection between what is known as the Istanbul commitments and the ratification of the adapted CFE treaty.

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have ratified the CFE. The other 27 signatory countries have refrained from doing so, saying that Russia has not fully carried out the Istanbul commitments stipulating the complete withdrawal of arms and military hardware from Moldova and Georgia.

Russia does not recognize the legal connection between the Istanbul commitments and ratification. It announced its intention to suspend its implementation until all other countries ratify the treaty.

The statement of the NATO Information Office says that the text of the explanations on the treaty is posted on the official website of the alliance.