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Russia deliberately aggravates relations with West - political analyst

Moscow, 5 June: Russia is intentionally aggravating the relations with the G8 countries, believes the president of the Institute of Economic Analysis and senior research fellow of the Cato Institute in the USA, Andrey Illarionov.

"Russia is conducting a targeted policy of aggravating relations with the 'seven'," Illarionov said at a news conference in Moscow.

According to him, this is being done in order to "provoke (representatives of the G7 - Interfax) to resort to harsh statements or even actions, which could be presented (inside Russia) as meddling in internal affairs".

Illarionov believes that this will be done in order to "proclaim the West an enemy and mobilize the electorate".

At the same time Illarionov also criticized the US policy in Iraq in his answers.

"I do not believe that the US actions in Iraq are a model of global behaviour. In invading Iraq, the USA made a big mistake and by staying there, they are aggravating it. Iraq has suffered damage, the Arab world has suffered damage, the USA has suffered damage and international relations have suffered damage," Illarionov said.