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From: Paul Richardson <paulr@russianlife.net>
Subject: May/June 2007 issue of Russian Life
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007

Dear JRL Readers:   

The May/June issue of Russian Life is now available. Articles include:


A Lucky Man: The life and work of Maximilian Voloshin, poet, artist, critic, translator and protector of the Russian intelligentsia.

An Icon's Journey Through History: The Kursk Root Icon, treasured by the Russian Orthodox in Exile, may become a symbol for the soon to reunify church.

The Railroad Less Traveled: A look at the history and modern realities of the Baikal-Amur Railway.

Sleeping on Graveyards: The Khakass people are one of Russia's most ethnically complex nationalities.


Notebook: Short news items on everything from piracy, to Nashi, to NGOs and animated films. Plus trenchant quotes, fascinating facts and news on travel and sports.

Russian Calendar: Articles with a "historical hook," on Barclay de Tolly; The Seven Years War; Pushkin's Other Square.

Survival Russian: How to say nothing and mean something - the use of "zero" in the Russian language.

Cuisine: The art of preparing and enjoying Chebureki.

Under Review: Reviews of books on Ilf & Petrov, Cold War Counterintelligence, the Potemkin Mutiny, new travel guides and Tatyana Tolstaya's novel, Slynx.

PostScript: On governors, billionaires, refugees and global warming...

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