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From: Alexander Kaffka (A.Kaffka@Artenom.com)
Date: March 7, 2006
Subject: Exhibition Of Living Managers in Moscow

What: "Exhibition Of Living Managers" (MANAGEX) | www.MANAGEX.info Authors: Alexander KAFFKA, Elena SHMATKO
When: March 25-26
Where: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow Summary:

The world’s first art exhibition of living people in their professional identity will take place in Moscow’s National Centre for Contemporary Art, on March 25-26, 2006. This is "Exhibition of Living Managers" (MANAGEX), a conceptual art project by Alexander Kaffka and Elena Shmatko. The exhibits will be real, full-time employed managers, who responded to the authors’ announcement published in business media, and volunteered to participate. “Living humans as art objects have been used by artists before, but we attach primary importance to using volunteers, who take part in the solely out of their will of being displayed preserving their professional identity», - explained Alexander Kaffka. “We guarantee that participants are indeed employed managers… During exhibition itself, it is important for us to provide maximum freedom of appearance and behaviour to participants, within the limits of our artistic concept”. MANAGEX is conceived as a worldwide initiative, so authors “intend to further explore the applicability of living managers as art objects in traditional sense, including assessment of their art market value, their decorative potential as well as usability as collectors' items”, according to Alexander Kaffka. Additional information is available at www.managex.info.