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#7 - JRL 2006-200 - JRL Home
From: "Fred Andresen <fred@andresen.com>
Subject: About daydreaming
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006

I must respond somewhat to the article in JRL #193 Pravda.ru/Arguments and Facts: Daydreaming is the Russian pastime of choice that causes revolutions and misfortunes.

It is a good article and reads like some Russian literature of the past, defining the Russian character as only Russians can do, with humor, despondence, and truth. However we live in changing times. The historic dreaming mindset is certainly still there, but if we look at the Russians under say, 40, a new brightness begins to rise on the horizon. I have been in business in Russia for fourteen years now, having started two companies. In my forty years of international business, I dont remember any group of employees, who were more dedicated to their jobs, more solution oriented and resourceful, loyal to the company and productive. They were for the most part in their twenties and thirties. Many of those now are in their own businesses, a higher levels in other telecom companies, or work for our new company. There were a few dreamers for sure, but they were asked to find a place for their talents elsewhere. The CEO of my present company has an MBA from a major American university, works very hard, and is highly respected by her employees and the industry. Sure, everything changes and everything remains the same. But the changes are there. The change is largely visible in those under forty, dedicated, and productive. It must be recognized.

I have often said Russias future is not in its mines, but in its minds. Russian political leadership, if it isnt dreaming, will create an environment that keeps these promising young men and women home, creating value for society, building Russia into a true international partner, and not lose them to the relative order and predictability of the West. But, maybe the leadership is dreaming.

Frederick R. Andresen
President, Chairman
Prioritel, LLC.