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From: "Tom Robinson" <liaison@usa.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006
Subject: Russian Art and cultural Exhibits

"GALLERY5", www.gallery5arts.com, one of Richmond, Virginia's, largest, and most exciting art galleries and performing arts centers, will be hosting Central Virginia's first "All-Russian art, culture, history and economic development series of events during the entire month of November. Ambassador Ushakov will start off the festivities on November 1st, with a gala reception for Virginia's Governor, other elected officials, business and civic leaders, featuring Russian food, drink, art and entertainment. Approximately 4,000 Russians and former CIS citizens now live in the greater Richmond area. We want to bring this "invisible" community together for the first time, allowing mainstream Virginians to get a much better (and more truthful) view of Russia, and its people. Events will include: newsreels and photos from the top Soviet photojournalists of WWII, exhibits from the "Spy Museum" and "Cold War Museum" in D.C., talks on Chernobyl, its past, present and future, investing in Russia for Virginia businesses and individuals, Russia's own "War on Terror", Etc. Both traditional and contemporary Russian art, music and dance will be presented during the month. This series is being presented with the cooperation of the Russian Cultural Center in Washington.

For anyone interested in participating in, or sponsoring any of the planned events during November, please contact: Tom Robinson, International Liaison, EMERCOM, IL-76 Waterbomber Project www.waterbomber.com 804-240-4065 or liaison@usa.com.