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Incentives for childbirth key to demography in Russia - Roshal

MOSCOW. May 17 (Interfax) - Creating conditions that will encourage Russian women to have more children is crucial to resolving the demographic problem in the country, doctor Leonid Roshal, head of the Public Chamber's healthcare commission, told the chamber's session in Moscow on Wednesday.

"First and foremost, it is necessary to create all the necessary conditions for women so that they have no problems getting pregnant, can undergo good prenatal care and give birth to a healthy child they will be able to support," he said.

"The poorer the country, the more children live there. I visited Afghanistan. Families there have up to 12 children but they live in poverty and are malnourished," he said.

Roshal said he was worried that plans to improve the demographic situation in the country may be held up by bureaucratic red tape."