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Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson
JRL 2003 - May

JRL #7203 ~ May 31, 2003
Amber Room, Feshbach, Losing Momentum, Bush Interview, Poll/ US, Sestanovich, Schmemann, Baltics, EU, US-Russia Business Council, Satter, Iran, Miss Gulag, Wrangell, Iraqi Communists
JRL #7202 ~ May 31, 2003
Peter the Great, Bernstein/ Demography, Prudent Budget, Latynina/ Big Business, WP/ Potemkin Democracy, Gaddy/ Running Out of Steam?, Zlobin & Sestanovich, Economist/ St.Petersburg, Ushakov, Vershbow
JRL #7201 ~ May 30, 2003
Man of Mystery, Bush, US-Russia, St.Putinburg, Upper Volta with Exxon, UES, Yabloko, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, St.Petersburg Governor, Forest Fires
JRL #7200 ~ May 29, 2003
Childrens' Health, Petersburg Meeting, Helmer, Menshikov, Berman, Hedlund/ Soviet Sandwich, Lichfield/ McCartney, Fishman/ Politics, Iran, SARS, Glasser/Amber Room, Lithuania
JRL #7199 ~ May 29, 2003
China, St. Petersburg, Albats, Aslund, Healing Rifts?, Nuclear Treaty, Simes & Gvosdev, Zlobin, Satter, Chechnya, SARS, Civil Society, Citizenship, Problems at Home
JRL #7198 ~ May 28, 2003
Blair/ Nukes, Dismantling Subs, U.S. Power Plants, Oil, Latynina/ Energy Plan, Jensen/ Putin, Kotkin/ Gulag, Arctic Islands, St. Petersburg Extravaganza, Federal Securities Commission
JRL #7197 ~ May 27, 2003
Winner Putin, Bush & Putin, Iran, St. Petersburg, China, SARS, Children, Media, Parties & Money, Chechnya, Jackson-Vanik, Military Reform, Gambling, Economy, Khodorkovsky, Investing, Snacks
JRL #7196 ~ May 27, 2003
McCartney, St. Peterburg Anniversary, Kommunalki, McFaul, Zlobin, Karaganov, Academicians, Chubais, Bivens, Hu in Russia, Turkmenistan, Catholics, SMERSH
JRL #7195 ~ May 24, 2003
Putin/ Beatles, Sieff/ Satter, Belin/ Putin, Lavelle/ Putin, Filipov/ St.Petersburg, Walsh/ St. Petersburg, Strategic Armaments, Zlobin/ US-Russia Relations, Kennan Institute, Vershbow/ US-Russia Relations
JRL #7194 ~ May 23, 2003
Fingerprints, Economy Booms, Death Rate, Duma Election, Zyuganov, Voter Apathy, Crime, Piontkovsky, St. Petersburg vs. Moscow, Security Agenda, US-Russia Cooperation, Olympics, Energy Plan, McCartney
JRL #7193 ~ May 22, 2003
GDP, Humor & Democracy, Cooperation with US, G-8, Election Campaign, Petrov/ Federal Reform, St. Petersburg, Foreign Investors, Mortgages, UES, Patriarch, Longest Road, Caucasian War, Caryl/ St.Petersburg
JRL #7192 ~ May 22, 2003
Nuclear Perfect Storm, Internet, Chechnya, Southbys, Nuclear Safety, Lehman Bros, WTO, Kuchins, Iraqi Revival, Election Machine, Lavelle, St. Petersburg, Roads, Provinces, Libraries, Oil
JRL #7191 ~ May 21, 2003
Missile Cooperation, HIV, Kyoto Treaty, St. Petersburg, Chechnya, New Books, Hostile Takeovers, Sibneft's Shvidler, Dollar vs. Ruble, Nagorno-Karabakh, Press Review/ Putin's Address, Alec Flegon
JRL #7190 ~ May 21, 2003
Olympics, Parties-Putin-Polls, Latynina, Clouds, Ryabov/ Oligarchs, Zhiri, WTO, EU, Chechnya, Caspian, Der Spiegel/SPAG, Tretyakov/ Inept Politics, State Dept/Russia, Patriarchate
JRL #7189 ~ May 20, 2003
Europe & Russia   Gref, Economic Development Ministry   WTO   Putin   Media   Political Parties   Iraq, I. Ivanov   Abuse of Women   Alcoholism, Drugs   Anti-Religious   Putin   NATO, Caucasus   NATO   Special Services Reform   Iraq, World Order   Oil, Yukos   Arctic Resources & West
JRL #7188 ~ May 20, 2003
Economy, Industrial Growth   EU   Starovoitova Assassination   Pope John Paul II   Putin Address   Economy, Putin GDP Goal   Putin Poll   Middle East, Zinni   Iraq, Oil   Economy   Economy, Central Asia   Chechnya Bombings, Basayev   Chechnya Attacks   Law
JRL #7187 ~ May 19, 2003
Foreign Investment   Foreign Aid   Culture   Science   Reform   Putin Address   Election, Kasianov   Duma, Cabinet   Professional Military   Children Drug Abuse   Putin & Russian Mafia   Chechnya Independence   Chechnya   Georgia & Chechnya   Pope John Paul II, Russian Icon   Public Relations   Putin   Flat Tax   IMF on Inflation   IMF on Bank Reform   Economy, Investment   Ukraine   Starovoitova Assassination   Kazakhstan   Oil Scandal
JRL #7186 ~ May 19, 2003
Putin Address Transcript    Putin Poll    Media    Soviet-Style Youth Organization    Elections, Communists    Professional Military    Beichman
JRL #7185 ~ May 18, 2003
Czar   Crime, Curfew   Putin & Mafia   Putin Address   Chechnya   Oil, Investment   Mafia   Iraq   St. Petersburg  St. Petersburg   North Korea    Housing Reform
JRL #7184 ~ May 17, 2003
Vodka    Population, Health   Putin Address   Putin Address    Putin Address   Putin Address   Putin    Putin Address   Military Reform   Russian Weapons Programs    U.S.-Russian Relations   Bush-Putin Summit    St. Petersburg Police    Putin Address   Government   Putin Address   Putin Address, Nemtsov   Putin & Economy   Putin & Voloshin    AIDS, Population    Literature, Chkhartishvili
JRL #7183 ~ May 16, 2003
Poverty   Putin, Economy, Military   Bureaucracy   Economy   Chechnya   Duma   Elections   Europe   Vodka   News   Iraq   Caspian Conference   Health & Demography   Oligarchs   Elections   Elections   Chechnya, Putin   Chechen Rebels   Islam, Terrorism   Central Asia, Islam   Film, House of Fools   AIDS   Putin, Russian Mafia   Anti-Americanism
JRL #7182 ~ May 15, 2003
Russian Public Opinion, United States   Iran Nuclear Program   Powell in Moscow   Nuclear Arms Treaty   News   Public Opinion, Federal Government   Reform   Chechen Amnesty   Foreign Policy   Bush & Russia   Zlobin on Terrorism, U.S.-Russian Relations   PSA's   Politics, Glazyev   Central Asia, Caspian   Russian Youth Regions
JRL #7181 ~ May 14, 2003
John Hardt   Economic Reform    Amber Room   Paul McCartney in Red Square   Military Strength   Chechnya   Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Bombings   Chechnya   Chechnya, Rebel Website   NATO   NATO, Baltics   NATO   NATO   Kasyanov, Gref   Former Soviet Clients, WTO   Women, Abuse   Sex Slavery   Russian Muslims   Nuclear Material Conversion   Gorbachev   SARS   Politics   Powell in Moscow   Iraq, Powell in Moscow
JRL #7180 ~ May 13, 2003
Chechnya Bombing   Chechnya War   NATO   NATO   World Order   News   Oligarchs   Putin   Putin Parliament Address   SARS, China   Kaliningrad   Sakhalin Oil & Gas
JRL #7179 ~ May 13, 2003
Chechnya Bombing   Chechnya Life   Putin Parliament Address   Professional Military   IMF   IMF   Human Rights   Oligarchs   Privatization   Powell in Moscow   Vershbow on Terrorism, Nonproliferation   Nuclear Contamination   Politics   SARS   SARS
JRL #7178 ~ May 12, 2003
Chechnya Bombing   Global Threats   Summit   WMD, Bioweapons   Politics, Districts   Vershbow on Terrorism & Georgia   Putin Parliament Address   AIDS   Victory Day   Uzbekistan Polygamy   Literature   Central Asia, New Book   Russian Life, Tambov   Corruption, IMF Funds   Siberia Energy
JRL #7177 ~ May 11, 2003
St. Petersburg   St. Petersburg & Moscow   Moscow Subway   Putin   Krushchev   Crime & Corruption   Bergson   Bergson   Sakhalin   NATO   Hostage Deaths & Special Services   Literature, Shteyngart   Gulag New Book   Stalin New Book
JRL #7176 ~ May 10, 2003
Iraq, U.S.-Russian Relations   Putin Parliament Speech   SARS   World War II   World War II   Rural Population Decline   Russian Muslims   Russian Democracy   EU, Kyoto Treaty   Nonproliferation   Kremlin   Krushchev, Gorbachev, New Books   Bergson   Central Asia   Nord-Ost
JRL #7175 ~ May 9, 2003
Victory Day    Military   Housing & Utility Subsidies   Putin & Russian Society   Presidential Election   Putin Presidency   Putin Presidency   May Holidays   Privatization   Chechnya War   Putin Presidency   Putin & Kruscheva   Hostage Crisis & Assassination   Iraq   Art   News
JRL #7174, RAS #19 ~ May 9, 2003
POLITICSWomen and politics in Russia   Business and politics in middle Siberia   ECONOMIC STATISTICS: Problems of economic statistics   Output trends for industrial products   DEMOGRAPHY: The census in Chechnya   Soviet war losses   RUSSIA AND ITS NEIGHBORS: Military cooperation within the CIS   POLITICAL ISLAM: Political Islam in Dagestan   The ideology of Hizbal-Tahrir   PHILOSOPHY: Russian reactions to Nietzsche   FOLLOW-UP: Depleted uranium munitions in the Gulf wars   New book on East-West cultural exchanges
JRL #7173 ~ May 8, 2003
Iraq   World War II   Iraq   Bergson    SARS   SARS   News   Internet   Pope John Paul II   Media Repression   Lenin   Cabinet   Chernobyl   Film Rights    Food   Poetry   Political Assassination   Foreign Debt
JRL #7172 ~ May 8, 2003
Putin & Cabinet   Elections   Crime, New Book   Cold War   Chechen Rebels   Chechnya, Budanov Trial   Chechnya War   Customs   SARS   SARS, Health System   St. Petersburg Summit   Iraq   Catholics & Orthodox   Political Parties   Monopolies   Latin America
JRL #7171 ~ May 7, 2003
NATO   Iraq WMD, UN Sanctions   Terrorism, UN   Chechnya, Refugees   News   Bergson   Arms Sales   Elections   Transport   Civil Rights   Administrative Reform   Administrative Reform   Corporate Governance   Economic Growth   Education Reform   St. Petersburg
JRL #7170 ~ May 7, 2003
Putin Extravagance   Society   Television   Financial Times Editorial Independence   Internet   Military Problems   SARS, Immigration   Science   Oil & Gas, Sakhalin   Gas, Turkmenistan   Iran Nuclear Program   WTO   Hostage Disaster   Central Asia, Film   Film   Ombudsman Post   Nuclear Terrorism    U.S. in Georgia
JRL #7169 ~ May 6, 2003
Trade, Poultry   Economy, Inflation   Nuclear Arms, Sakharov   Economy, GDP   News   Subway/ Underground    U.S.-Russian Relations   Bush & Kruscheva   Veterans   Political Parties   Political Parties   Elections   Political Parties, Elections   Bush-Putin Summit   Iran, North Korea, Nuclear Proliferation   U.S.-Russian Relations   FBI & U.S.-Russian Relations   Nuclear Industry   Mathematics
JRL #7168 ~ May 6, 2003
Terrorism, Europe, U.S.   Mars, Space   Iraq   Iraq   Media Repression   St. Peterburg   SARS   Society   Society   Politics, Norilsk   Political Assassination   NATO   Chess   Ukraine   Bergson   Gas
JRL #7167 ~ May 5, 2003
Iran Nuclear Program    Missile Defense   News   Europe-CIS Economic Union   Ukraine   Pasternak Village   Nuclear Weapons, Sakharov Monument   Oligarchs   Oligarchs   Empire, New Book   Berezovsky   Political Parties   Political Parties   Putin, Nazdratenko   Military    EBRD   Hermitage   St. Petersburg
JRL #7166 ~ May 4, 2003
Space, Caryl/ Satter, Politkovskaya, Sex Trade, Newshounds, Catholics, Jury Trials, Suez Canal, Iraq Debt, Yergin/ Transition, United Nations
JRL #7165 ~ May 3, 2003
US Trade, Chickens, Petrodollars, US Terrorism Report, Fisher/ May Day, Keller/ Digging up the Dead, Nord-Ost, Chemical Weapons, Central Asia, Nagorny Karabakh, Stock Market, Fee/ Russia & Iraq Oil
JRL #7164 ~ May 2, 2003
Politkovskya/ Nord-Ost, Lipman/ Military Lessons, Tajikistan, Wines/ Parties, Luzhkov, TV1 Review, Mikheyev/ GDP Paradox, Corruption, Freedom House, US Terrorism Report, Energy Cooperation, Chicago Picnic
JRL #7163 ~ May 1, 2003
St. Petersburg, Poll/ Duma, Gorbachev, US Trade Ties, Politics Web Site, Bergson, Roy/ US Fighter-Missionaries, Ukraine, Yavlinsky Interview, Zyuganov Interview
JRL #7162 ~ May 1, 2003
Russian Archives, Smolensk Archive, Russian Ark, Soccer, Putin's Standoff with US, Leon Aron/ Russia-America-Iraq