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JRL 2003 - January

JRL #7042, Jan. 31, 2003
WMD Stockpiles    Duma Elections, Parties     Davos    News    Spy Trials    Media, NTV    Science    Economy    Iraq War    al Qaeda & American Deportation    AFL-CIO Deportation    CIS & Kuchma    Chechnya & Iraq    Elections, Parties, Law    Missile Defense Cooperation    Economy    Stalingrad & Stalin
JRL #7041, Jan. 30, 2003
Iraq War Plans    Nuclear Material Security    Russian News Summary    Elections    Economy    Media Repression    Chechen Refugees    Human Rights
JRL #7040, Jan. 30, 2003
Caspian Oil & United States    Putin on Iraq    Communists on Putin & Iraq    Iraq War & Russia    News    Religion & Education    Population    Elections    Political Parties    Political Parties, SPS & Yabloko    Political Parties    Elections, Oligarchs    Politics, Putin    Historical Studies    Terrorism, Chechnya    Voice of Russia    RFE/RL Headlines    Kuchma CIS Leader    St. Petersburg Washington Exhibit    Alcohol, Drunk Driving
JRL #7039, Jan. 29, 2003
Moscow Urban Planning    Poetry, Museum    U.S. Embassy    WMD Disposal    World Economy, Trade    Iraq    Iraq    Iraq, Terrorism    Economy, Trade, Diplomacy    Politics, Yabloko    Judicial Corruption    Ukraine    Philanthropy    Elections
JRL #7038, Jan. 29, 2003
Transportation, Transcontinental Road    Chechnya, U.S.    Iraq    Capital Flight    Labor Strikes    Military Stockpiles    Economy, Trade, Davos    Economy, Trade, Davos    Gref, Economy, Davos    Davos, Russia & World Economy, Illarionov    Chechnya    Chechnya, Human Rights    Russia & Islam    Political Parties, Yabloko    Sharansky in St. Petersburg    Kuchma, Ukraine Opposition    Russia& Ukraine, Border Treaty    Russia & Ukraine, Famine    Oil Prices, OPEC    Elections, Putin Reforms
JRL #7037, Jan. 28, 2003
Putin on Iraq     Gref on West    Arctic Shipping     Population     Oil    Oil, Kazakhstan    Communists    Elections, Political Parties    Duma Iraq Resolution    Androvov Apartment    Stalin    Chechnya Referendum    Economy    Volgograd    Soviet Style & Putin
JRL #7036, Jan. 28, 2003
Putin Elf    Intelligensia, Political Elite, Public Policy    News    Land Reform     Religion    Missile Defense     Kazakh Film    D.C. Event    Stalin Propaganda    Health Care    Health Care    Ukraine, Putin    Ukraine    Energy Reform, Chubais    Chechnya, Human Rights, Europe     Chechnya    Elections, Duma    Siberia, New Book    Economy, Industrial Slowdown    U.S. in Central Asia
JRL #7035, Jan. 27, 2003
Youth, Retirement    Davos     Davos    Economy, EU    Foreign Investment    Agriculture, Land Reform    Civil Service    Russian Trends & Problems    Military Reform    Russians in London    Elections, Campaign Spending    Energy, Politics, Chubais    Politics, Yavlinsky    Central Asia    New Book    Sports, Brumel Death
JRL #7034, Jan. 26, 2003
Religion    Human Rights Tax    Powell on U.S.-Russian Relations    Tolstoy Estate    Music, Vysotsky    Hostage Theater    2003 Forecast    Russia & Jews    Russia & Middle East    EU, Baltic Ethnicities    Auto Theft    Reichstag, World War II    Human Rights    U.S.-Russia Trade    WMD Disposal    Poverty, Education    Building Seizure, Vavilov    S. Ivanov on Iraq, Chechnya, NATO    Putin, Ukraine    Judicial Reform, Putin
JRL #7033, Jan. 25, 2003
Solzhenitsyn, Jews, Soviet Repression    Russian Brides    News    Oligarchs    Middle Class    Trade, Chicken    Caucasus    Oil Prices    Foreign Debt    Russian Problems    Hostage Crisis    Reforms, Investment    Ukraine, NATO    Ukraine, NATO    Press    Putin & Skiing    Music, Rostropovich    Iraq War, Earthquakes
JRL #7032, Jan. 24, 2003
Russia & Georgia, Armitage     Law & Putin    Putin & Science Cities    Media, NTV    Religion & Duma    Poverty    Hostage Lawsuit    Politics    Energy Reform    Media Repression, Pasko    Terrorism, Bureaucracy    Business, Bureaucracy    Russian Military & NATO    Religious Repression    Human Rights    Energy, Central Asia
JRL #7031, Jan. 24, 2003
Population    Crime    Chechnya & Terrorism    Chechnya & Georgia    Ukraine, Georgia, NATO    Economic Development    Putin & Strategic Defense    Visas    Chechnya Referendum, Refugees    Media Anniversary    Law    Putin Foreign Policy    EU, NATO    Reagan & Communism    News
JRL #7030, Jan. 23, 2003
Putin Elf    Media Repression, Pasko Case     Census    Science & Putin, Foreign Market     Iraq    Chechnya, Zakayev Case    Political Parties    Voice of Russia    Regions & Putin    Visas    Visas    Business, Retail, Foreign Investment    Russian Business 2003    Business, Accounting Standards    Belarus    Law    Politics & Oligarchs    Politics & Oligarchs    Latvia, NATO    Media, NTV    Music, Prokofiev    Art
JRL #7029, Jan. 22, 2003
Iraq    Political Parties    News    Chechnya War    Islamic Radicals    Russia & Persian Gulf    Economic Development    Oil & Economic Development    Democracy    Human Rights Violations    Energy Reform    Energy Reform    Iraq    Russian National Identity    Elections
JRL #7028, Jan. 22, 2003
Putin Elf    Health    Drugs, Crime, Terrorism    Deaths    Youth    Media, NTV    Media, NTV    Hostage Lawsuit    Economic Growth    Chechnya Referendum    Chechnya, Human Rights    Chechnya, Europe    Nuclear Arms Control    Russian Homosexuals    Computers, Microsoft Code    North Korea    Vershbow on U.S.-Russian Relations
JRL #7027, Jan. 21, 2003
Circus    WMD Disposal    Elections, Putin    Media Repression    Media, NTV    Media, NTV      Media, NTV    Judicial Reform    Oil    Oil, U.S. Government    Democracy & Capitalism    Moiseyev    Theater    SVR, CIA, North Korea    Uzbekistan    Ukraine     Berezovsky    Automobiles    Putin Rating    News
JRL #7026, Jan. 21, 2003
North Korea    Media, NTV, Jordan Firing    Winter Disaster, Heating Systems    Chechnya, al Qaeda    Iraq, I. Ivanov    Duma, Reform    Energy Sector Reform    State Statistics    Putin    North Korea    Southeast Asia    Communists    Elections
JRL #7025, Jan. 20, 2003
Russia & Belarus Integration    Economy    Science    International Politics    News    Hostage Gas Deaths    Microsoft Code     Oligarchs    Politics    Politics, Communists, Putin    Economy, Middle Class    Patriarch's Pond    Consumer Debt    Economy    Israel, Russian Immigrants    Russian Society    Vershbow Press Conference
JRL #7024, Jan. 19, 2003
Sakharov, Vandalism    China & Russia, North Korea     Security Services    Political Parties    Presidential Election     Russia & the West, Public Opinion    Soviet Nuclear Strategy    Kyrgyzstan    Kaliningrad    Investment, Austria     Parks, Stalin's Heads Garden     Theater    Economy, Russia as Third World Country    Glasnost
JRL #7023, Jan. 18, 2003
Jackson-Vanik    Stalin, Beria    Intelligence     Stalin, Doctors Case    Investment     Confidence Building    NTV, Jordan     Religious Oppression, Catholics    Labor Unions     Trade, EU    Military Spending    Iraq, Russian Interests     Renovating Russia    Public Health, Life Expectancy     Politics, Business Lobbying    New Web Site     Iraq & WMD    Business, Gazprom
RAS #15 January 2003 ~ JRL #7022
POLITICS: Women in the Duma    Business lobbying: a two-way street?    ECONOMY: Yevgeny Yasin on Russia's economic prospects    SOCIETY: WHAT RUSSIAN YOUNG PEOPLE WANT: Occupational aspirations    Going to the movies    ETHNIC RELATIONS: Titular dominance in Russia's autonomies    Antisemitism     RUSSIA AND ITS NEIGHBORS: FOCUS ON NORTHEAST ASIA    Introduction to the section     Russia and China: not so very different after all?     Russia-Mongolia: latent territorial issues    HISTORY: How big was Stalin's Gulag?      The Orlov file: Edward Gazur, Alexander Orlov: The FBI's KGB General Review by John Wilhelm
JRL #7021, Jan. 17, 2003
Oil Prices, IMF     Oil    Nuclear Waste    Journal    Economy, Living Standards    Ukraine, Ambassador Pascual
JRL #7020, Jan. 16, 2003
Russia & West    Putin     News    Media Repression, Environment, Pasko    Russian Missile Defense    Putin Religion    Winter    Economy    Elections    Eastern Europe Economies    Tech & Business Fora    Economy, Foreign Debt
JRL #7019, Jan. 16, 2003
Military & Public Opinion    Iraq & Russia    Persian Gulf & Navy    North Korea & Russia    News    Religious Freedom, Catholics    Language    Economy, Gref    Investment    Missile Defense    Military Desertion    Chechnya Referendum    Environment, Kyoto     Azerbaijan    Publication    Literature
JRL #7018, Jan. 15, 2003
Military Journalism    News    Economic Reform, Putin    Consumer Credit    Chechnya Human Rights    Peace Corps Expulsion    Chechnya War    Nuclear Waste    Nuclear Waste    WMD Disposal, Nunn-Lugar    Nuclear Containment    WMD Proliferation     Missile Defense    Nuclear Waste    Capital Flight    Chechnya Culture    Russian General Troshev, Chechnya    Education    Ukraine    Religious Freedom
JRL #7017, Jan. 14, 2003
Russian Public Attitudes    U.S. Ambassador Veshbow on U.S.-Russian Relations    Human Rights
JRL #7016, Jan. 14, 2003
2003 Resolutions    Putin New Year's Resolution    Reforms    Media Dangers    Interior Ministry    Audit Chamber    Post-Soviet Affairs, Publication    Missile Defense    Arms Exports    Labor Unions    Energy Reform    Military Draft, Abuse    Chechnya Referendum    Chechnya Constitution    Political Parties    Joba Announcement & Internship    Winter Disaster, Heating Systems    North Korea & Russia    Duma, Parties    Economy 2003
JRL #7015, Jan. 14, 2003
Media & Putin    Media, Press Minister    Media    Media & Elections    Media Dangers    Media    Media, Press Minister    United States Superpower Status    Catholics, Religious Oppression    Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Kuchins    New Economic School Annniversary    Film    Japan, Oil    Intellectual Property, Piracy     Russian Orthodox, Charity    Education, Democracy    Nuclear Material, Warhead Disposal    Nuclear History    Putin Agenda    Chechnya, Human Rights Monitors    Xenopohobia, the West, Chechnya    Chechen Refugees    Chechen Rebels
JRL #7014, Jan. 13, 2003
Xenophobia    Oligarchs    Economy, Business    Winter Disaster, Deaths, Heating    Public Attitudes    Gulf War, Russian Economy    Persian Gulf & Navy    Putin & Sports    Duma Article, Translation    Veteran Correspondent    Russia Resource Available    Russian Media    Central Asia paper    New Book, Post-Soviet Russia    NATO Expansion    Economy, Gref Intereview
      JRL #7013, Jan. 11, 2003
Labor, AFL-CIO Deportation    Labor, AFL-CIO Deportation     Economic Growth    American--Russian Business    Oil Production    Putin    Russian Identity    Business, Aeroflot    Central Asia, U.S.-Russian Relations    Moscow Real Estate    Winter Disaster    Oil Pipelines    Literature
JRL #7012, Jan. 10, 2003
Media    Chechnya Peace Talks, Poll    Oil Exports    Oil Production    Oil Prices    Iraq War, Russian Economy    Japan, Islands    Japan, Kurils    Art, Film, Russian Ark    Music, Grammys    NATO    Russian Winter, Homeless Deaths    Ukraine, Pascual    Chechnya, Budanov Case    Energy, Heat & Power Failures    Trade, Shipping, Volga-Don Canal    Military Draft, Health    Russia & Iran Nuclear Program    St. Petersburg Power & Heat Failure
JRL #7011, Jan. 10, 2003
Economy, Gref    State Statistics Accuracy    Foreign Trade    Energy, Winter    Hostage Crisis Secret Videotape    Solzhenitsyn Health    Media, Pasko    Religion, Agency    U.S., War, Oil    U.S. Pressure    Persian Gulf, Russian Navy    Corruption    Poverty    Elections & Economy    Chechnya Constitution Referendum    Russia & North Korea, Vershbow    Missile Defense Cooperation    Political Music    U.S. Superpower Status    Oil, Business, Lukoil    EU & Russia    Film Review, 1991
JRL #7010, Jan. 9, 2003
Regions, Putin Reform    Military Strength    Iraq    Labor, AFL-CIO Deportation    Chechnya, Rebel Website    Chechnya, Zakayev Extradition    Financial Reform, IMF Report    2002 Economic Review    NATO Expansion    Oil, OPEC    Kaliningrad    Architecture    Architecture    Putin
JRL #7009, Jan. 9, 2003
Public Opinion    Country Music    Russian Winter    Missile Defense    U.S.-Russian Relations, Vershbow    Vershbow on Peace Corps    Peace Corps    Foreigners    Hostage Gas    Iraq    Russian Language    WMD Disposal    Islamic Radicalism    Politics, Elections    Politics, Elections    Politics, Elections    Politics, Political Parties    North Korea, Japan
JRL #7008, Jan. 8, 2003
Solzhenitsin Health    Federal Reform    Federal System    Corruption    Lithuania Election    Ukraine, Proliferation    Internship    Chechnya, Putin    Oil    Russia & Muslims    Public Opinion
JRL #7007, Jan. 7, 2003
Christmas    Christmas    Christmas    Traffic, Flashing Lights for Wealthy    Putin Reign    Economy    Religion    Chechnya, Budanov Case    Terrorism Finance    North Korea Nuclear Weapons    Media    Education    Administrative Reform    St. Petersburg Tricentennial    St. Petersburg Tricentennial    Military Hazing, Abuse    WMD Proliferation    Harvard    Caucasus & U.S.    Peace Corps
JRL #7006, Jan. 6, 2003
Russian Orthodox Christmas    Russian Orthodox Christmas     Russian Orthodox on Social Problems    Putin, Russian Orthodox Christmas    Income Disparity, 2003 Forecast, Poll    Poverty, Poll    Russian Winter, Alcohol    Oil Production     WTO, Vershbow    Putin Popularity     Military Desertions    Peace Corps Spying Allegations     Russian Homosexuals    Putin Modernization     Fascism    Russia & West     Japan & Russia    Oil, Europe     Country Music    Economy, 2002 & 2003     Lithuania, Paksas    Chechnya, Human Rights, Budanov Insanity Verdict     Chechnya,
Israeli Tactics, Zakayev

JRL #7005, Jan. 5, 2003
North Korea, Nuclear Weapons    Russian Oil, Persian Gulf, Vershbow     Putin on Democracy    Hostage Crisis     Economy    2002 Political Review     Russian Lawlessness, Murder, Disappearances    Professional Military    Russia & CIS    Chechnya, Human Rights Monitors     Chechnya, OSCE     Chechnya, OSCE    State-Sponsored Religion    Art, 'Russian Ark' Film     St. Petersburg Tricentennial
JRL #7004, Jan. 4, 2003
Solzhenitsyn Health    Solzhenitsyn Health      Currency, Dollars, Vershbow    Putin New Year's Message     Putin on Democracy    Putin, 2002, 2003     Elections    Elections, Communists     Vatican, Russian Orthodox    Alcohol     2003 Summits    Peace Corps     Hostage Crisis Lawsuit    Energy     2002 International Relations    Japan, Islands     WWII Romance    Job Vacancy     Christmas    Chechnya, OSCE     Oil Production    Oil    Global Instability     Entertainment    Kazakhstan
JRL #7003, Jan. 3, 2003
NATO    Putin Christmas    Steel     Elections    Media    Harvard Russian Bells     Utility Price Controls    Polls, Putin     Putin Praise for Accused War Criminal Kononov    Amnesty International on Human Rights, Budanov Chechnya Murder     Chechnya, Human Rights Monitors    Chechnya, Hostage Crisis    Environment, Chechnya    Russian Orthodox on Cloning    2003 Forecast    Christmas    Russians in New York    Nazi Holocaust, Eastern European Jews, Internet Archive
JRL #7002, Jan. 2, 2003
2002 Review    Putin 2003 Travel    Putin    Chechnya, Budanov Insanity Verdict    Chechnya, Human Rights    Israeli Ambassador    Spy Accusations    Oil, U.S. Investment    Western Aid in 1990's    Winter Disaster, Freezing Deaths    Putin on Quality of Life    Putin, Insecurity    Russia in Global Order    Migration    Kazakhstan Polish    Alcohol & Murder    Pageants
JRL #7001, Jan. 1, 2003
Putin New Year Message    Legal Reform    Harry Potter    2002 Review, Polls    Population Decline    Chechnya Human Rights, Budanov Insanity Verdict    Chechnya, OSCE    2002 Review, Religion    Foreign Minister Ivanov Interview    Peace Corps    Russian Gays & Lesbians    2003 Forecast    Putin's Russia, New Book    Russians in New York    Corporate Reform, Sibneft    Russian Jews