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JRL 2003 - April

JRL #7161 ~ April 30, 2003
Apartment Bombings, Census, Iraq War Splits, Putin Snub?, Bunin/ Elections, Poll/ Politics, Lankina/ Local Govt. Reform, Chechnya, Khodorkovsky, wps.ru/ Regime and Oligarchs
JRL #7160 ~ April 30, 2003
Blair/ Missiles, Rich & Poor, Putin/ Iraq, Mending Relations, Pavlovsky/ Kasyanov, Chubais Slush Fund, Latynina, Somers/ Energy, Banks, Foreign Borrowing, Kontinent, Gulag, Central Asia
JRL #7159 ~ April 29, 2003
May Day, Putin's Address, Budget, TV1 Review, Iraq Debt, No-Confidence, Yabloko, Kyoto Protocol, Chechnya, Podberezkin Interview, Expat Executives, Far East, Kyrgyzstan, Stalin
JRL #7158 ~ April 29, 2003
Eisendrath/ Economy, Weafer/ Oil, Women, SARS, Yabloko, Pankin/ Media, Nord-Ost Victims, Gulag, Chechnya, Kagarlitsky/ Lenin, Sherr/ Iraq, Turkmenistan, Glucksmann, Helmer/Goldminers, Yushenkov, Central Asia
JRL #7157 ~ April 28, 2003
Religion, Education, US Spy Sub, Space, Tajik Base, Democracy & Chaos, TV1 Review, SARS, Oil Merger, Parties & Money, Yabloko, Military Reform, Oil Majors, Stalin's Crimes, UES, Pushkov Interview
JRL #7156 ~ April 27, 2003
Easter, Seed Collection, Regaining Prestige, Berezovsky, Chernobyl, Military Reform, SARS, Chechnya, Sirens, OGI, St.Petersburg, Arctic, Alchoholism, Yushenkov, Oil Merger, Energy Resources
JRL #7155 ~ April 26, 2003
Critical Condition, Population, Ghost Towns, US Trade Restrictions, Molostvov, Chernobyl, Bergson, Yukos Sifneft, PM's Office, Military Reform, Chechnya, Science, Nuclear Suitcase
JRL #7154 ~ April 25, 2003
Abram Bergson, Populist Laws, Childrens' Health, TV1 Review, N.Korea, Helmer/ Oil Companies, Yushenkov, Veshnyakov Interview, Military Reform, Nikonov Interview, Chechnya, Prostitutes, Oil Tankers
JRL #7153 ~ April 24, 2003
Economic Growth, Population Decline, Merry/ State Department, Verlin/ Russia at Crossroads, Yushenkov, Belin, Behr, Reform Burnout, Knight, Kennan Inst., World Russian Forum, Oil Merger, Ukraine
JRL #7152 ~ April 23, 2003
N. Korea, Patching Russian Ties, Karaganov/ Crisis Lessons, Yushenkov, Piontkovsky, Oil Merger, Elections, Lukin/ Yabloko, Communists, Social Democrats, Lourie/ St.Petersburg, Cutting Taxes, TV1 Review
JRL #7151 ~ April 23, 2003
Solzhenitsyn, Boston Marathon, Elections, Oil Merger, President's Address, Papal Visit, Structural Reform, Gref, Human Rights, Goyal, Central Asia, EU
JRL #7150 ~ April 22, 2003
Incomes & Inflation, Baltic Dangers, Dudayev, Kagarlitsky/ Extremism, Pax Americana, Burlatsky/ Iraq, Latsis/ The Poor, Taibbi/ Wines, Solzhenitsyn, Maleva/ Middle Class, Brzezinski/ Ukraine
JRL #7149 ~ April 21, 2003
Internet, Yushenkov, Iraq, Nikonov, Oil, Foreign Borrowing, TV1 Review, Aeroflot, Women's Rights, Oil Firms, Gambling, Railroads, Clash with Islam, Budanov, Exporting Democracy, Russian Films
JRL #7148 ~ April 20, 2003
Marriage, Yushenkov, HIV, Frosty Friendship, Anti-American Attitudes, Russia & Saddam, Putin's Perfidy, Evangelista, Chicken Fined, Chemical Weapons, Amber Room, German Art, Oil, Russian News in NY
JRL #7147 ~ April 19, 2003
Sergei Yushenkov, Pope, Lee Hamilton, Poverty, Chechnya, Cuckoo Film, Oil Pipelines, TV1 Review, Industrial Wasteland, Bunin/ 2003 Election, Duma/ Iraq, Zlobin/ New World Order, Ters/ St. Petersburg
JRL #7146 ~ April 17, 2003
MT/ FSB, Economy, Chechnya, TV1 Review, Menshikov/ Elections, Lessons of War, Arbatov/ US & UN, Pribylovsky/ Election Coverage, Kynev/ Parties, Training Iraqi Spies, wps.ru/ Press Review
JRL #7145 ~ April 16, 2003
Military Reform, Iraq & Military, Sakharov, TV1 Review, Vershbow, US-Russia Relations, Felgenhauer, Petrov/ Iraq & Putin, Open World, Chechnya, Kovalev, Ukraine, Bunin/ Elections, Latynina
JRL #7144 ~ April 14, 2003
Vacation, TV1 Review, Pope, Mars, Duma Elections, Bonner, Iraq's Debt, Shumilin, Trenin, Cutting Government, Chosing Our Side, Chechnya, Stalin, Berezovsky, Banks, Limonov, Space Competition
JRL #7143 ~ April 13, 2003
Russia & Saddam, Peace Camp Dying, Iraq Debt, Aksyonov/ Iraq & US, Military Reform, Veshnyakov Interview/ Elections, Tanya Grotter, The Hermitage
JRL #7142 ~ April 12, 2003
Sirens, History, War's End, Foreign Debts, Primakov, Khodorkovsky, Postwar Investment, Oil, US Spy Planes, Chubais, Sewers, Chechnya, Impact of War, Human Rights, Valentin Zorin
JRL #7141 ~ April 12, 2003
Sirens, History, War's End, Foreign Debts, Primakov, Khodorkovsky, Postwar Investment, Oil, US Spy Planes, Chubais, Sewers, Chechnya, Impact of War, Human Rights, Valentin Zorin
JRL #7141 ~ April 11, 2003
Economy Rising, Shevtsova, Nikonov, Russia&Iraq, Higher Power Costs, Admin Reform, Internet & Elections, Behr, Racism, Calder, Liesman/ Russian Lessons for Iraq, Cherepovets, TV1 Review
JRL #7140 ~ April 10, 2003
Public Opinion   Terrorism   Economy, IMF   News   Chechnya, Budanov   Chechnya   Chechnya   Civil Service   Vershbow   Iraq   Iraq, Convoy   Iraq   Iraq, Berlin Wall   North Korea & Iraq   Post-War Iraq, Oil   Oil   Housing
JRL #7139 ~ April 10, 2003
Media   Media   Army Shrinking   Population, Economy   Iraq   Iraq, U.S.-Russian    Post-War Iraq   Kosovo   Saddam   Saddam, Russian Diplomats   Iraq War   Iraq War   Power Rivalries   World Bank, Transition Newsletter   Energy   Art & Architecture    Richard Perle Interview   Russia, China, India   Inflation   Capital Flow   Job Announcement
JRL #7138 ~ April 9, 2003
Reform & Economy    Gaidar Cabinet   Oligarchs, Privatization    News   Political Parties    Anti-Americanism   U.S.-Russian Relations    Iraq & Russia   Iraq & Russia    Iraq War, U.S.-Russian Relations
JRL #7137 ~ April 9, 2003
Iraq War, Russian Convoy   Vershbow on Iraq War, Russian Convoy   Vershbow on Iraq War, Russia   Chechnya Human Rights   Iraq War, Russian Media   Iraq War, Russian Media   Political Parties   Tatarstan, Mongols   Political Parties   Oligarchs   Oligarchs   Youth, CIS   Economy   Economic Growth   World Order   World Order

JRL #7136, RAS #18 ~ April 9, 2003
POLITICS: Regional parliaments   Feedback: Russian public opinion and human rights   ECONOMY: Federal Districts and Economic Regions   The former state banks   DEMOGRAPHY: Bias in the 2002 population census   SOCIETY: Threats to ethnic and religious minorities   St. Petersburg cafs   RUSSIA AND ITS NEIGHBORS: Central Asia realigns   Origins of the war in Iraq   HISTORY: Book review William Taubman. Khrushchev: The Man and His Era   Obituary: David Azarian   Call for papers   Note of correction
JRL #7135, April 8, 2003
Iraq War, Russian Diplomats   Iraq War & Russia   Nuclear Treaty   News   Iraq, Russian Elections   Iraq Oil, Lukoil   Iraq, Trade   Gref   Iraq, Post-War Development   Politics, Corruption Investigation   Oil, Debt   Science, Economy   Media   Iraq & Putin   Putin   St. Petersburg    Putin   Central Asia
JRL #7134, April 8, 2003
Anti-Americanism    Iraq War, Russian Convoy   Iraq War, Russian Convoy    Iraq War, Rice Visit   Rice & Putin   Economic Forum   Corporate Corruption    Russian Muslims & Iraq   Russian Muslims & Anti-U.S. Jihad    Iraq War   Military, Industry, Russia & the West   Soviet Gulags
JRL #7133, April 7, 2003
Russian Elections   Iraq War, Russian Convoy   Iraq, U.S.-Russian Relations   Iraq, Rice Visit   Iraq War   Iraq War, Russian Spies   Iraq War, London Forum   News - Russian Military   Political Parties   Chechnya, Hostage Crisis   WMD Security   Fashion   Aeroflot   Iraq & Chechnya
JRL #7132, April 5, 2003
Iraq War   Nuclear Treaty   Iraq War   Anti-Americanism   U.S.-Russian Trade, Poultry   AIDS, Tuberculosis Loan   Russian Language Instruction   Oil   Oil   Politics, Corruption   Aeroflot   Space Station   St. Petersburg   Putin, Elections   Iraq War
JRL #7131, April 4, 2003
Anti-U.S. Jihad   Anti-U.S. Jihad   Anti-U.S. Jihad   Yeltsin   News   Iraq War Media   Iraq War & Nuclear Treaty   Iraq War, U.S.-Russian Relations   Iraq War & Russia   Iraq War Resolution - Iraq War & Zhironovsky   Iraq War, Foreign Policy   Putin Foeign Policy   Iraq War, Economy   Iraq War, World Order   North Korea   Economic Policies   Economic Forum   Berezovsky   Soviet Gulags   PM Pavlov
JRL #7130, April 3, 2003
Russian Muslim Anti-U.S. Jihad   Iraq War, Anti-Americanism    U.S.-Russian   U.S.-Russian   U.S.-Russian   U.S.-Russian   Iraq War, Oil, Vershbow   Iraq War, Russia, Europe, Media   Iraq War, Baghdad, Russian Embassy   Population   Chechnya War Crimes   Administrative Reform   Industry   Politics
JRL #7129, April 3, 2003
Abortion, Infant Mortality   Economy   Iraq War   Iraq War, Putin   Putin   Evenkia   St. Petersburg Politics   Iraq, Russian Arms   Iraq War, U.S.-Russian Relations   Iraq War, U.S.-Russian Relations   Media, Hollywood   Media, U.S.   Chechnya   CIS Borders   UN Reform   Iraq   Krushchev   Economic Development   Human Rights   Human Rights
JRL #7128, April 2, 2003
Chechnya War, Human Rights Abuses   Chechnya War, Human Rights Abuses   IMF   News   Putin & Bush   Politics, Parties   Anti-Americanism   Iraq War, U.S.-Russian Relations   Iraq War, Russian Embassy   Iraq War & Russia   Chechnya   Young Writers   Iraq, Russian Aid    Iraq Arms Sales    Chechnya & Iraq   Berezovsky    Strategic Interests    Oil, Foreign Firms   Business
JRL #7127, April 2, 2003
Iraq War   Iraq War Media   Iraq War   Anti-Americanism   Media   Iraq War & Russia   Iraq War & Putin   Energy   Pope John Paul II   Chechnya Amnesty   Russian Army   Russian Military & Religion   Human Rights   Oil Exports
JRL #7126, April 1, 2003
Patriarch's Pond   Iraq War   U.S.-Russian Relations   Iraq War, U.S.-Russian Relations   Putin & Bush   Putin & U.S.   World Order   Iraq War   Iraq War, North Korea Nuclear Program   Iraq War   News   Media   Carnegie Event: U.S.-Russian Relations   Silk Road Conference   British Library Stalin Exhibition   Lawsuit   Business, Investment   Chechnya War
JRL #7125, April 1, 2003
Iraq War   Anti-Americanism   Iraq Treasures   Iraq War   Iraq War   Space Station   Terrorism   Chechnya   Chechnya Human Rights Atrocities   Chechnya Negotiations    Berezovsky   Soviet Coup   Visas   Putin Manifesto   Religious Freedom   Iraq War, Russian Sabotage   Ukraine Reform   Art